Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Manual

Galaxy S10 Plus Manual

Samsung Galaxy S10 Overview

Galaxy S10 Plus Manual – Galaxy S10 Plus can be the first flagship phone of 2019, but it is clearly one of the best phones of the year. I Say this even though the Galaxy S10E is a better value purchase, even though the foldable Galaxy Fold and the Galaxy S10 5G are just around the corner, and including the Huawei P30 Pro applying the heat with four rear cameras that could dominate the S10 Plus. Photo skills. Although the S10 Plus is not fault-free (the two most important, actually), but its 6.4-inch AMOLED screen, battery life throughout the day, the wireless power exchange function and the combination of three rear cameras are stellar .

As for the compared to other phones, I would not upgrade from the Galaxy S9 Plus, but I would do it from any older Galaxy phone. The Bottom line is that it has a more general flexibility with the camera shots on the S10 Plus than with the 3 Pixel. The Night Mode is an exception, and both the Pixel 3 and the Matte 20 Pro from Huawei ($989 at Amazon) have dedicated night modes that are easy to use. OverComing the Galaxy S10 Plus. If Night Photography is a make or undo function for you, you may want to wait for the Huawei P30 Pro next month, the Pixel 4 (probably) of October, or cross your fingers so that Samsung can do without a software update.

Low-light shots are not a decisive factor for me, especially when compared to the other benefits of the Galaxy S10 Plus, but being able to match those other night modes would make the S10 Plus the undisputed champion in all areas.

As it is now, the S10 Plus is an excellent device that I would love to use every day, and I think it would also feel the same.

Samsung is biased to shiny finishes that reflect light in unusual ways. My Review Unit is the version of 128GB in Prism White, and it definitely reflects iridescent shades of pale blue, mint and pink in the light. This color is nice and subtle. Flamingo Pink, Canary Yellow, Prism Green and Prism Blue are more daring, there is also Prism Black.

Galaxy S10 Plus Manual – I immediately noticed that the S10 Plus has a tendency to get out of the hands and surfaces, especially if they are not perfectly level. It shoots from my fingers several times, usually landing in my purse, a table or my lap. He Also slipped out of my bedside table, a couch, a chair, but until now he’s gone unscathed. I like to check phones the way they emerge from the box, but I’m going to want a case for this one.

The Galaxy S10 Plus has a “notch ” Infinity-Or It’s really a hole in the screen to leave room for two cameras. Its oval shape attracts more attention than the unique lens of the Galaxy S10 and S10E, but anyway I’m not really a fan of notches.

More important is the feeling of having a large screen with thin bezels. Most of the time, it is confused with the background, without attracting too much attention. But when the screen is well lit, as with a white background, the asymmetry of a pill-shaped clipping becomes more noticeable. I wonder if the Infinity-U screen, like the one that Samsung put on the Galaxy A50 and mid-range A30, would look better, although it would also resemble more of an eyebrow-like notch. The solution to the dilemma of all screens can still be there.

Galaxy S10 Plus Manual – The screen itself is beautiful, with a 6.4 inch AMOLED screen and a resolution of 3, 040×1,440 pixels. Outdoor readability is fantastic. When I wake up in the middle of the night and read the phone to go back to sleep, the screen is actually too bright, even with low brightness and blue light filter on. Heck, it’s even too bright with the Android Wind Down mode that changes colors to grayscale.

The ability has always existed, even the Galaxy S Active phones from a few years ago allow you to set your convenience key, but Samsung was reluctant. You Better learn to love Bixby, he reasoned. That’S why it’s good to see Samsung do the right thing here.

There Are Two words to describe the design of a user interface: large and bubbly. The icons are large, flat circles that take a while to get used to, as many of the designs have changed, from the color of the Gallery icon to the shape of the Galaxy Notes application.

I’m serious, these icons are huge. Using Them on the home screen made me feel like a child. I Immediately changed to a smaller icon size (hence a larger application grid on the home screen) to fit into more of my access applications without needing to review folders or slide additional screens.

Even though I like the smaller screen icons, seeing the larger icons in the app drawer was OK, they are easier targets to achieve. I Also liked that some larger application menus and “cards ” are easier to read without stretching your neck or squint your eyes. This is especially noticeable in Bixby Home, which you can access by sliding to the left of the home screen.

Galaxy S10 Plus Manual – The navigation buttons are enabled by default, but you can unlock even more screen space by activating gesture navigation in the Quick setup menu. Turn it on and the bottom of the screen expands, leaving you with three horizontal dashes instead of the buttons. To Navigate, lift slightly upward to use ( “Bounce” downwards). It’s Not a difficult fit, and it’s always good to have alternatives.

There Is A new mode A in the notification settings called Kids Home, which opens a parent-protected profile/garden for children to take photos and download applications. Little Kids, that’s it. The older ones would put their eyes blank and mock, then search for the password and change all the language settings.

I love this feature, which will load any other Qi-enabled device when you place it on the back of the Galaxy S10. Samsung is not the first to implement this, but it is a real asset, especially to reload accessories or give a boost to your friend’s phone. The wireless charge is not as fast or as efficient as the cable charge, but this allows you to leave more cables at home, especially for short excursions. I Can see a scenario where you load your phone at night and load a second device on top of it.

Your phone will automatically turn off when your phone reaches 30 percent. Since the battery life is so good, it should be enough for you to be able to spend the rest of the day. Please Note that Wireless PowerShare will not operate if you Have less than 30 percent battery life.

I’ve used it naturally twice. The night I got the S10 Plus, I had to use the new wireless power swap function When I noticed that my Galaxy S9 Plus had been reduced to 7 percent and was going to die while I was still configuring the new phone. I Was having dinner, with my cables in my hotel room, and well, this is exactly what the function is designed for. So I turned it on, flipped it and watched the battery rise to 13% just healthy.

Since the phones were back to back, with the Galaxy S9 Plus up, I could still play and write as long as I was careful not to change their position on the back of the Galaxy S10 Plus. I’M happy with this.

The second time, my Spanish-Language CNET colleague, Juan Garzón, innocently asked how much battery I had left, and then asked me if I could get a recharge. My Battery sold out from 57 percent to 30 percent, but it regained the two low digits to 30 percent, and our two phones still had hours to live.

This fingerprint scanner is very important because it is the first to use Qualcomm’s ultrasonic technology. That means you’re using sound waves to get a 3D image of your printing. It Is considered much safer than an optical sensor, which essentially takes a 2D photo of your finger. But that seems to apply more to the natural films of gunk and Goo. When I pressed an oily churro (and delicious) between my fingers and then tried to unlock the phone, not agreed 20 times in a row. It Turns Out There’s a limit.

At first I had problems with accuracy and speed, but it has been more accurate since Samsung released an update to the reviewers. It Seems to work better the more deliberate it is about placing your thumb.

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