Samsung Galaxy S10e User Manual Download

Galaxy S10e User Manual

Samsung Galaxy S10e Overview

Galaxy S10e User Manual – Launched as part of a true army of mobile phones of the S10 brand in February, the “e ” of the S10e name allegedly means “essential “, which incorporates the most focused version of the phone into the Galaxy S10 formula.

The Galaxy S10, the Galaxy S10 Plus and the innovative Galaxy S10 5G can be the phones that appear on billboards and head turns, but the Galaxy S10e can, in fact, be the most influential member of the lineup.

It Serves as Samsung’s response to iPhone XR’s tastes and is rumored to be Google Pixel 3 Lite; A basic-level flagship designed to deliver most of the benefits of its most powerful siblings by eliminating some of the more frivolous elements in the quest to reduce costs without sacrificing basic functionality. It Is safe to say that despite the idea behind the idea of “essential “, the S10e still offers an impressive experience with all the functions.

The phone includes the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 or Exynos 9820 (region-specific) chipset as the other S10 phones, related image capabilities, design features and complementary hardware, and other features such as wireless charging Fast.

Galaxy S10e User Manual – This is the first time that Samsung launches a more affordable version of its flagship series without offering a very exhausted entry as the “Mini ” Phones of antiquity. The S10e feels more and more a flagship phone like the normal S10 and the S10 Plus.

Of course, it has undergone some changes to reach that lower price, but calling them sacrifices seems untrue. The curved edges of the glass cover found on each Samsung flagship from the S6 Edge have disappeared, with a 5.8-inch flat panel that occupies the front of the phone.

As such, the bezel around the screen is more prominent compared to the other S10 models, not very different from the bezels on the iPhone XR’s liquid retina display, though notably narrower. In ergonomic terms, this makes the phone easier to hold without the risk of touching the screen, so in a sense it is a victory.

Galaxy S10e User Manual – Instead of an on-screen fingerprint sensor, the S10e instead features a more traditional side-mount capacitive sensor that I preferred to Samsung’s new ultrasonic technology. On the one hand, it’s fast, really fast and undoubtedly faster than the alternative. It is Also placed on the power button, so you can activate and unlock the S10e in a single action, in addition to the gesture Support option means you can slide down to reveal the shadow of notifications and quick adjustments in an instant.

Just keep in mind that your elevated location on the right side of the phone means it adapts more naturally to the thumbs of your skilled users; Lefties may have a harder time falling in love with him.

For modern standards, the S10e is a small phone and, as a result, is easy to use with one hand, without having to extend too much thumb to reach the top of the screen thanks to the new interface settings that Samsung has implemented For this generation. of the Galaxy.

Galaxy S10e User Manual – The metal frame that runs along the edge of the S10e feels pretty tough and combines well with the front and rear glass, while everything has the same IP68 rating as the other family devices, which means that you should not be afraid to fall into the Sink and suffering long-term effects.

There is Even a headphone jack here, a feature that is apparently not known in the flagship’s modern phone space in 2019 and yet all of Samsung’s main phones have one.

At first glance, you will definitely be attracted by the eye-catching model of Canary Yellow I tried. It Is ridiculously bright and blatantly brazen, but it is different and certainly stands out. I applaud phone manufacturers when they have more striking finishes beyond black and white, and although this particular color is not for me, their inclusion is welcome

You can Also choose the Galaxy S10e in Prism Black, Prism White, Prism Green and Flamingo Pink (as exclusive to the U.S.).

In The front there is a Super AMOLED screen with a 19:9 aspect ratio of 5.8 inches with Full HD + resolution. That’s a little less pixel than the S10 and S10 Plus (both with QHD + resolution), or even the Galaxy S9 last year. However, it is not something you will notice unless you place them side by side, aided by the fact that the standard S10 displays most of the content in Full HD + by default.

Galaxy S10e User Manual – There is Also the matter of the piercing chamber. Instead of a notch invading the bezel, as in the likes of the OnePlus 6T, or a thicker upper bezel to house such components, such as the previous Galaxys and the tastes of the Google Pixel 3 package, the S10E employs the new ‘ Infinity-of Samsung Or ‘ screen.

The camera is placed in the area of the screen, creating a cleaner frame and a cleaner design in general. Samsung decides to do a good trick if it decides to use the phone’s facial unlocking (basic RGB), adding a ring of pulsating white pixels around the camera every time you wake up the phone to get your attention.

It Has the strange side effect of shifting the user interface elements just like the clock and the signal indicators to the left, but I think I prefer this implementation to a notched screen.

The Samsung S10 Family user interface focuses on One UI, TouchWiz’s successor and the Samsung Experience found on older devices. The Company implemented One UI for existing Samsung devices before the launch of the S10 series, so I was able to know how the S1o phones would feel before I had one in my hands.

Now that I live with One UI on the Galaxy S10e, I can confirm that Samsung’s efforts must be commended. The focus on one-handed operation is smart, making browsing easy (plus, there’s still a one-handed mode if you want extra help).

The Aesthetic Review is, for the most part, welcome too; With a clearer notification pane and a setup menu. I am Not a fan of the new iconography and color palette of the application, but it is a new aspect that complements the aesthetics and the funniest proportions of the S10e.

Despite not presenting the curved edges of their counterparts, the S10e still benefits from Edge Screen shortcuts, allowing it to slide from the side to reveal a customizable menu of applications (including multi-tasking combinations of Split screen previously paired), Favorite contacts, Widgets Actions and more: all accessible from virtually anywhere within the phone interface.

An UI also brings gesture-based navigation to the table. I Still prefer the single-touch action of a button-controlled UI experience, but if you choose, you can swap the three typical keys on the screen for sweeping gestures that leave the interface with a less cluttered look.

Bixby, the black sheep of Samsung’s smart phone experience, is still a function here in the S10e, paired with a dedicated hardware button on the left side of the phone or a direct hit from the phone’s main screen, but things are At least a little different time.

You Can interact with Bixby through text or voice and, technically, you can perform any number of actions with simple instructions, however, in practice, the experience remains poor compared to the likes of Google Assistant.

Bixby Routines is a decidedly welcome addition that integrates an Automation workflow ‘ If This, Than That ‘ into the mix that you can use to schedule certain behaviors for your phone depending on the time of day, location or some other activator. DePending on who is involved, you will be willing to be, once configured, this feature has at least some notable time-saving qualities.

It’S Great to see that the lowest price of the S10e doesn’t make it a less phone, especially when it comes to performance. Instead, the S10e is powered by the same Samsung Exynos 9820 8 NM chipset (or the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 7 nm in markets like the U.S.) Like the rest of the S10 line.

Combined with 6GB or 8GB of RAM, this is essentially the most powerful and up-to-date hardware you’ll find on an Android phone at this time and benchmarks reflect their capabilities.

The audio quality In the calls is not out of the ordinary, even if it is completely repairable, while the phone also has stereo speakers and Dolby Atmos support with earphones. Using the speakers tuned to AKG, considering its size, the S10E offers surprisingly good stereo separation, while the Dolby Atmos effect can be heard on any handset, outbreaks or better-quality cans will always make a More immersive experience.

Samsung Galaxy S10e User Manual Download

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